Tools and Resources for Online Counsellors

Rural Wellbeing is happy to share ideas, tools and resources for online counsellors. As a leading service in the field of online counselling we are committed to improving telehealth interventions to the benefit of both mental health professionals and their clients.

Researchers of telehealth argue that, sadly, the psychologists themselves are the main “barriers to telehealth psychology”.  The evidence is that online video counselling serves our clients just as well as face to face counselling.  Yet, too many psychologists hold on to negative perceptions of various aspects of online counselling. e.g. efficacy,  therapeutic alliance, ethics, practical burden.

In light of COVID-19, telehealth psychology is in ever increasing demand for accessible, high-quality psychological care.  

We at Rural Wellbeing want to help boost high quality online psychological services. We invite professionals to learn together, share with us, and benefit from resources and strategies we upload here. 

Online counselling tool of Externalise

Use of Externalisation in Online counselling

Exernalisation is a powerful tool from Nerrative Therapy. Read here how you can use the tool in the video counselling format. You can download it and share with your client on the screen.

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Swan Hill Counselling

Video Counselling: Challenges and Opportunities

Read about the unique Challenges and Opportunities that Online Counselling provides with counsellors and their clients.

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Older Man Watch Online Counselling

How effective is video counselling

How effective is video counselling? The APS has published a review of research on the efficacy of counselling via video. …

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Woman Standing on Cliff

Prevent premature termination of counselling

Ways to prevent premature termination of counselling Research shows that 20 percent of clients end therapy prematurely. In their book …

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Man in Video Conference with Female Counsellor

Make a seamless online counselling session

Tips for a seamless online counselling session Here are some tips to get the most out of your online counselling …

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Woman Using Mobile for Video Counselling

APS: Guidance on video counselling

APS: Guidance on video counselling The APS has published a review of research on the efficacy of counselling via video. …

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