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Online counselling for rural people

Australians living in rural and remote communities do not share the same health outcomes as the urban population. Rural people tend to have higher mortality rates and lower life expectancy, higher road injury and fatality rates, higher prevalence of mental health problems, higher rates of depression and suicide, and higher rates of alcohol abuse and smoking. (National Rural Health Alliance, 2017).

But the Government has made some changes for the better. A National Strategic Framework for Rural and Remote Health (the Framework) was set up in 2011 in order to improve health outcomes in remote communities. The first strategy focused on the vital improvement of accessibility to health care services.

In 2018, the Australian Government recognised the potential benefits of online counselling to deliver mental health services to rural people. Medicare rebates for counselling were expanded to include counselling via video. This is wonderful news for the mental health of our rural communities.

How our online counselling can help

Anxiety & Panic

Anxiety counselling can help you understand your underlying issues, and help you use effective coping strategies to communicate what you need clearly to others. This will restore a sense of personal power in your life.


Develop an awareness of debilitating thought patterns and learn effective ways of coping with them. You deserve a happy life and we can help you start on a new path today.

Relationship / Marriage

Your relationship with those who are closest to you will have the greatest impact on your wellbeing. We can help you deal with conflicts constructively.

Anger Management

Anger may cause trouble in your relationships. In anger management counselling, you will learn ways to communicate with others effectively. When this happens, people are more likely to respond to what you need.

Grief & Loss

Everyone deals with loss differently. Some losses may leave a lasting impact with feelings of sadness, anxiety, anger and guilt. The desire to withdraw is normal, but what you really need is emotional and social support. We are here to help.


Parenting is one of the most complex jobs we have. The only constant is that it is always changing! You can now get parenting advice and guidance from our counsellors.


Teenagers need our help, guidance and support. Mental health studies show that teenagers in rural Australia are far more vulnerable than city teenagers. Our video-counselling can address this urgent need for support.

Accident / Trauma

An accident can cause unseen trauma. Motor vehicle injury and fatality rates are higher in rural areas than in urban areas. With access to our telehealth service, get the mental health support you need.

Our Online Psychologists

Our Online Psychologists

Our Service

Experienced and registered psychologists who have been carefully selected for you.

Quality assurance practices to guarantee improvement of our service.

We specialize in videoconference counselling to people in rural areas.

We are managed by psychologists committed to the highest professional standards.

How effective is video counselling?

Counselling via video has been found by many empirical studies to be as effective as face to face counselling (Published on APS website). Clients with diverse difficulties reported high satisfaction with online counselling services. Even technical difficulties associated with the service did not impact overall levels of satisfaction with the counselling experience. 

Remote counselling may also offer advantages for clients who live in small and remote communities where stigma and shame can be an issue. The privacy and confidentiality of video-conference counselling offer clients a safe solution. 

Our service is the first of its kind to focus solely on rural people and their needs. They deserve a high quality service and we do our best to deliver video counselling that works for them.


When to Seek Help

Opening up your thoughts and feelings to someone will help you gain new insights and address them in a healthy manner.
Counselling gives people newfound strength to deal with life’s challenges.

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