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Relationship support for rural Australians

Your relationship has a profound impact on your well-being. The benefits of stable and satisfying relationships are well documented in research: with a happy long-term relationship you increase your chances of a healthier and longer life.

How relationship counselling online can help you

In recent decades, marriage has been extensively researched, and we now understand what works for couples, and what can damage the relationship. The marriage counselling field has been enriched by hundreds of studies on couples who successfully maintained long and lasting relationships. 

  • We better understand the strong emotions between spouses and why they occur. 
  • We can identify the cycles that are detrimental to your relationship and help you break them. 
  • We teach couples essential relationship skills so that they can bring the best parts of themselves into the marriage.

It is not enough to look at what is not working – we teach partners to capitalise on their strengths.

Relationship Mentors

Our psychologists who will provide you with relationship counselling online via video are equipped with the tools to make a lasting impact on your relationship. Whether you meet your psychologist online with one-on-one or with your partner, you will gain insight on three important areas: The relationship dynamics, your emotions and your partner’s emotions.

With the new and effective tools we offer, there is hope for partners to learn how to improve their relationship.

Can marriage counselling be done online via video?

Absolutely! You will be surprised by how much can be learned and processed when you sit next to each other watching your counsellor on the screen. Relationship counselling online won’t compromise the quality of care you receive when meeting your counsellor in the clinic. You will still see your counsellor face-to-face but also have full flexibility in choosing a convenient time and space. 

Nevertheless, a relationship can improve through counselling even if only one partner attends the relationship counselling online. In many cases, it is enough when one of the partners stops the destructive cycle and chooses to respond differently to a repeated conflict.

Relationship issues we can help you with

Our psychologists have experience in relationship counselling and they can help you with the following issues:

  • Breakdown in communication
  • Loss of connection
  • Managing conflicts successfully
  • Lack of intimacy
  • Infidelity
  • Controlling or abusive behaviour.

Five benefits of online relationship counselling

Gain a deeper understanding of yourself, your partner and your relationship patterns

Improve communication by enriching your awareness and language (needs, feelings, wants).

Settle your differences constructively

Repair and heal past injuries. Restore trust and connection

Capitalize on your relationship strengths and make it more resilient


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