Our rates

These rates are for Medicare rebated sessions

$10 booking fee


$ 50
  • Your out of pocket fee is $50 after the first session. ($65 for after hours sessions: from 5pm and weekends).
  • $65 for initial consultation / $75 AH


$ 60
  • Your out of pocket fee is $60 after the first session. ($75 for after hours sessions: from 5pm and weekends).
  • $75 for initial consultation / $85 AH

Without Medicare

$ 130
  • Pay $130 (or $145 for after hours sessions – from 5pm and weekends).
  • You may be able to claim some reimbursement from your private health fund.


$ 25
  • Need a concession rate?
    Please discuss with us
  • Pay just $25 out of pocket with Medicare

Unsure about online video counselling?

Online video counselling comes with its own unique benefits: Click to find out more. 


It takes a leap of trust to book a session online with someone you have never heard about. We try to make it transparent and easier for you.


As a professional service, we will try our best to match you with a suitable counsellor. On the rare occasion of not connecting with your counsellor in the first session, we will offer you one bulk-billed session with another counsellor.

Medicare Rebates

It will cost you the gap fee of $50 ($65 AH) if you bring a referral from your GP.
Initial consultation $65.

Ready to help

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(For crisis please call Lifeline 131114)

Four good reasons to use ONLINE COUNSELLING

1. Effectiveness

Unlike what people might think, the medium doesn’t compromise the quality of connection and understanding.  When we meet remotely for the purpose of counselling and support, it is just like talking to a counsellor in person! 

Research studies by Telebehavioral Health Institute and others reported that online video counseling is as effective as face-to-face counseling and is an acceptable alternative to traditional methods.

2. Comfort

When you seek psychological and emotional support, your comfort is paramount. Being able to sit in front of the camera of your smartphone, laptop or tablet, is easy and comfortable. Not only does it reduce the hassle of getting ready and commuting to your appointments; but it also allows you to choose the space from which you wish to communicate. 

3. Privacy

Many people in rural areas are concerned by issues of privacy and confidentiality. In smaller communities, it is more likely that the local counsellor and other people in the clinic are known to clients who seek therapy. With online counselling, this issue is resolved. 

For some people, seeking psychological help is associated with stigma and may provoke shame. In this case, remote counselling may offer an ideal solution.

4. Affordable

Online video counselling is affordable and cheaper for you because it saves you time and money on travelling and for the psychologist it spares the expenses on the overhead costs associated with renting a room. 

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