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Parenting is a task unlike others. It is very complex yet we are never trained for it or prepared enough for the challenges we will face.  As children develop and grow, the challenges they present to their parents constantly change. Parents are able to cope with the majority of these challenges but, from time to time, parents can find themselves powerless and without a solution.
Why does this happen?

a.     Factors related to the child –  children are born with a unique personality and temperament. Some are easy to manage and adaptable while others can be oppositional, hyperactive and angry.  Children may also suffer from some developmental issues, learning disabilities or trauma that will affect their mood and behaviour.

b.     Factors related to the parent – to perform the complex task of child-rearing, parents need to feel mentally competent and emotionally stable . They should also feel supported. As the saying goes, “It takes a village to raise a child”. When parents are already coping with mental health issues, social isolation or marital issues, their capacity to deal with a challenging child is compromised.

c.     Environmental factors – the environment becomes increasingly important as the child enters adolescence. At this stage, if the school experience or peer influences are negative, parents find themselves up against powerful forces.

Parenting in remote and rural areas

Geographical area can affect the challenges families face too. Kids in rural and remote areas will have poorer access to resources. Participation of rural children in extracurricular art, music or dance classes is less common compared with city children. According to Australian Bureau of Statistics,the chance that a child growing up in rural or remote areas will be confronted with trauma or adversity, is greater than the risk for children in major cities.

The Impact

When parents find themselves helpless and without the right resources to face the challenge, all members of the family can be affected. Children may feel insecure and out of control. They may display negative behaviours. Parents may feel inadequate, frustrated and worried. When the stress is ongoing, this may aggravate mental health issues. The relationship between parents may pay a heavy price.

It is wise to consult professionals in order to improve your satisfaction with your parenting. As a parent you should never cope alone. The whole community is behind you. We are here ready to support you.


How parenting counselling online can help you

Get access to support and take care of your own emotional needs

Gain a deeper understanding of your child and their needs

Learn strategies for managing challenging behaviours

Increase your capacity to cope with parenting challenges

Create a happier parent-child relationship


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