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Can help with:
Anxiety / Depression, Anger management, Relationship issues, Stress management, Parenting teens, Trauma, Adolescents, Grief and loss, Positive parenting ​


Can help with:
Trauma, Depression, Anxiety, Childhood Trauma, Sexual Abuse, Relationship Issues


Can help with:
Trauma, Depression, Anxiety, Childhood Trauma, Sexual Abuse, Relationship Issues​


Can help with:
Anxiety, Bereavement, Career Guidance, Coping Skills, Depression, Emotional Disturbance, HIV & STI's, LGBTIQA+, Life Coaching, Life Transitions, Relationship Issues, Sex Therapy, Stress, Suicidal Ideation


Can help with:
Life direction, Decision making, Goal setting, Grief and Loss, Anxiety, Depression, Stress & overload, Relationship issues, Life transitions, Substance abuse/addiction

What can we learn about our online psychologists from their profiles?

We have asked our psychologists to describe themselves and their approaches. In their profiles you will find these answers to the following key questions: 

“Helping individuals learn more about themselves to reach their highest level of functioning”.

“Assisting clients to find better ways of coping with their difficulties, so that ultimately, they live their lives in a more satisfying and enjoyable way….”

“Caring about people in distress and helping them tap into their inner wisdom and resources. I love to share healthy perspectives that empower people.” 

“Everyone has unique capabilities and skills and I aim to assist my clients to mobilise their many strengths to meet their goals, beliefs and dreams”.

“Equipping and empowering people to move forward and embrace life in the moment; Providing a warm; safe and supportive environment.”

“I love seeing clients change the quality of their life through counselling”

“The key to human suffering is the perception that we are alone or somehow inherently different from others, and through connection and compassion we can grow to understand that we are all sharing of the human experience… I, therefore, aim to deeply connect with clients to enhance compassion and openness. Through this, clients are empowered to confront and approach challenges leading to personal growth and life enhancement”

“Equipping and empowering people to move forward and embrace life in the moment; providing a warm; safe and supportive environment”.

“Supporting people to clarify the path that they really want to take.”

“Warm, friendly, client-centred”.

“I adopt a client-centred approach and meet clients from their perspective, knowing that they all have a past that has shaped their views and ways of being.” 

“Approachable, respectful, kind and warm. I see the client as a whole person and approach supporting them from a holistic view rather than just focusing on symptoms”

“Being real in the acknowledgement that we are all on a journey, that we all experience pain and that they are not alone in this”.

“I combine relentless empathy with my knowledge and training”.

“I aim to understand the whole person through gentle guidance leading to collaborative goals for treatment. I tailor treatment to the individual client and provide structured activities to work on between sessions”. 

“Genuine, engaging, caring; direct and practical.”

“I look for what is going well. I believe in building on strengths and managing non-strengths so they don’t get in the way. I believe there is always a next step, however small.”

“Building a strong rapport with ease”.

“…couples’ therapy, as I approach this work in a non-judgemental and non-biased way. …assist couples to learn problem solving strategies while avoiding blame, fault and resentment.”

“Promoting a space in which clients feel comfortable opening up and sharing; connecting in a positive way.”

“Listening to and caring about the implications of unexpressed subtext.”

“Providing a warm and safe space for people to discuss deeply personal challenges. identify the presenting problems, educate and guide clients to use skills and coping resources to move forward in a positive direction.”

“Helping clients see their situation through more enlightening and empowering perspectives; offering practical and down to earth advice. Inspire people.”

“Training partners to express needs & feelings in a constructive way”. 

“Helping people make decisions and see what they are doing well already.”

“I am non-judgemental, very open, and have a diverse personal history that allows me to connect with clients from a range of backgrounds”. 

“I have had over 15 years of experience as a Psychologist and have worked with a wide range of issues – including couples counselling, parenting issues, alcohol and substance use, high conflict families, anxiety, depression, anger, trauma, and occupational stress.”

“I love being a mum to two teenagers and spending time with friends and family.”

“Like every human being, I have my own struggles, which hopefully deepen my compassion and understanding of others.”

“I am a keen gardener and enjoy cooking from my own produce. I grew up on a small semi-rural property … I understand the challenges faced by people living in rural communities. I  have worked remotely with clients living in these settings right across Australia.”

“I care about community issues and am involved internationally with projects to promote health for children at risk in the developing world”.

“I love doing psychology, I find people endlessly fascinating. Everything I have my clients do I have pratices myself to address issues in my own life. I have had a lot of life experiences, the usual – children, houses, renovations, career, and the not so usual – my family background, having children late in life, and the psychological lens on everything I do. I believe we only have one life so make the most of it and try and contribute where you can.”

“We are all different in clear ways yet suffer with similar issues”. 

“The human spirit is always more resilient then we perceive it to be”.

“Being vulnerable, with humility and gratefulness; we are not alone in our pain and life’s challenges.”

“Clients are unique and come with a wealth of experiences that have helped shape their lives…they come with many skills and talents and I have learnt so much from all of them over the years, using my learnings to continue helping others.”

“Everyone has innate power to soften and often fully heal their physical and emotional wounds.”

“We are all given trials and challenges through life and that, in connecting in these, we know we are not alone.” 

“Self acceptance should be the primary focus before considering changing oneself”.  

“The wisdom lies within them, they just need a bit if help accessing it sometimes.”


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