More About Online Therapy

The continuous evolution of technology leads to the development of revolutionary practices in the healthcare industry, including online therapy. The high demand for the best virtual sessions helped telehealthcare providers make it a possible feature. Social media became an essential asset in valuing people’s mental health, so the past taboo topic became a staple in most online discussions. 

It is through the efforts of activists and trailblazers that online counselling found its way towards the spotlight. Take note that online counselling is an umbrella term for a broad range of services that licensed mental health practitioners can give their patients via the internet. In essence, these include chats, texts, phone calls, or video calls. Our service offers the top end of the online counselling services – simply meet on screen face-to-face. It feels exactly like meeting in real life – our counsellors can sense your facial expressions and body language.

Is online counselling safe?

If you view the internet as a place filled with bogus and fraudulent transactions, we cannot blame you if you had a terrible experience. However, there are accredited online therapy services available, and you should give them a chance to help you if you’re uncomfortable with going to a mental health professional’s office physically. 

Online counselling is as good as traditional face-to-face therapies, as supported by extensive research. For time-delayed therapies, however, there is limited substantial evidence to support their efficacy. Although some studies can prove their claims, it still is not enough to make a conclusive statement. Nevertheless, they are still an excellent addition to the arsenal of mental health services.

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Online Counselling vs Face-to-Face Therapy

Aside from being as powerful as face-to-face therapies, online therapy boasts several other benefits as well. The first and apparent reason is convenience. Online treatment in the comforts of your own home without the need to prepare to go outside is an attractive benefit for sure. Second, it makes mental health services accessible to people who need to travel long distances to receive such assistance. For scenario-specific examples, online counselling is perfect for you if you live in a remote area.

Online therapies save you time, effort, and money to do your treatment anywhere you fancy. Another scenario where online counselling comes in handy is for group therapy, where both parties are distant from each other. For example, some family members might be in a different city, so online counselling is an excellent method of connecting both parties with a professional.

If you’re currently travelling abroad in a foreign-speaking country, you can also avail online therapy to communicate with a professional who speaks in a language you can comfortably use. For those with physical limitations or mobility problems, going to the doctor might be a huge hassle. However, online counselling can make your therapy session easier by connecting you with your mental health professional through the internet. Are you in need of video counselling services with a registered online psychologist? Check out our Australian online counselling services to see how we can help you maintain your well-being. Contact us today.

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