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The Gympie region is blessed with many advantages and is uniquely placed to grow in a manner that could see the region become one of the ‘economic hotspots’ of Queensland and, indeed, Australia” –  Queensland government website

For remote communities, it has always been hard to access the same resources as people in urban areas. With the rapid growth in advanced technology, Telehealth has become a perfect solution for rural people.

In 2017, the Australian Government recognised the potential benefits of remote counselling to help rural people with mental health issues. The result is a new Medicare scheme which allows rural people to receive Medicare rebates for up to 10 Videoconference counselling sessions. 

As a resident of the Gympie region you are eligible for the program and we invite you to take advantage of that.  

Wonder how face-on-the-screen is different to face-to-face counselling?

Please read on to learn more about what’s in it for you.

online counselling session - benefits of online counselling concept

The Advantage

With remote counselling the access of a psychologist of your choice is no longer a barrier.

  • Through our online counselling platform, you can access mental health support anywhere and anytime.
  • You can get private and confidential support from our experienced counsellors and enjoy quality therapy from the comfort of your own home.
  • You are one click away from professional, registered, credited and carefully selected counsellors who can help you with your issues.
  • You can use your mobile, tablet or laptop to meet with our psychologists.
  • You may find support for issues like relationship, parenting, anxiety, depression, anger, trauma and more,
  • You can easily request a session and our office manager – Simone – will contact you shortly.
  • Alternatively, you may search, find and book online a video session with your preferred counsellor on our website. 

You don’t need to cope alone. Our psychologists are here to help you improve your wellbeing.

Is video counselling good for you? 

Once you meet face to face with your counsellor, you will notice how personal the service can be.

  • Many studies have proved that for the clients it doesn’t matter that much if they meet the counsellor on the screen or face to face. 
  • Since the inclusion of Medicare rebates for video counselling to Rural people in 2017, thousands of Australians have successfully used the tool to receive psychological help. 

Quality of service

We specialize in providing psychological help to rural people.

  • To make sure our psychologists provide you with high-quality remote counselling we apply a feedback system to ensure we learn and improve.
  • Privacy and confidentiality are very important for our clients and we consider that with the utmost care.

Contact us and enjoy psychological help from the comfort of your own home.

Issues we can help you with

Anxiety & Panic

Anxiety counselling can help you understand the underlying issues, use effective coping strategies and communicate what you need clearly and effectively. This will restore a sense of personal power in your life.


Develop awareness of debilitating thought patterns and learn effective ways of coping with them. You deserve a happy life and we can help you start on a new path today.

Relationship / Marriage

Your relationship with those who are closest to you will have the greatest impact on your wellbeing. We can help you deal with conflicts constructively.

Anger Management

Anger may cause trouble in your relationships. In anger management counselling, you will learn effective ways to get people to respond to what you want.

Grief & Loss

Everyone deals with loss differently. Some losses may leave a lasting impact: sadness, anxiety, anger and guilt. The tendency is to withdraw but what is really needed is emotional and social support. We are here to help.


Parenting is one of the most complex jobs we have. The only constant is that it is always changing! You can now get parenting advice and guidance from our counsellors.


Our teenagers need our help. Mental health studies show that teenagers in rural Australia are far more vulnerable than city teenagers. Our video-counselling can address this urgent need for support.

Accident / Trauma

An accident can cause unseen trauma. Motor vehicle injury and fatality rates are higher in rural areas than in urban areas. With access to our telehealth service, get the mental health support you need.

Our Psychologists


Experienced and registered psychologists who have been carefully selected for you.

Quality assurance practices to guarantee improvement of our service.

We specialize in videoconference counselling to Rural people.

Managed by psychologists committed to the highest professional standards.