What is your Attachment Style?

Discover how shapes relate to Attachment Styles. Watch this video to find out more about your attachment style and how this information can be used to better relate to your loved ones.

Laws of love

If you know the laws of love you know how to make it last. Researcher Sue Johnson – world expert on Attachment and Love – explains how we can have the loving lasting relationships we all long for.

And it makes perfect Love Sense.

How couples repair disconnection

Two experts explain how the drama of the mother-baby bond continues to impact our adult love life.
In this segment, you will see the impact of the loss of connection and how to repair it.

Importance of sharing needs and feelings

Good vulnerability is fundamentally generous, it takes the first step of disclosure … so others feel safe to unburden themselves and disclose…” – says Alain De botton in this beautiful animation.


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