2 women telling secret

Depression: The Secret We Share

Andrew Solomon presents this TEDx Talk about how both the chemical and psychological cures are equally important when dealing with depression. Exploring the different options to find what works is necessary for overcoming depression.

man with hat standing in front of green wall

How to Cope with Depression

Sadness and Depression are very similar, however, one of the main differences is that a sad individual knows why they are sad while a depressed person does not know. Watch this video to learn ways to cope with depression.

sad woman

What is Depression?

Helen M. Farrell explains what depression is, how it can affect day-to-day life and ways to deal with it.

business people in hero capes

Conquering Depression

Become your own hero – open up to supportive friends and see how it can help deal with depression.

woman sitting on couch

Asking for Help can Help Depression

In this TEDx Talk, Janesha Bull explains how acknowledging that you’re not feeling right is the first step and how asking for help can help you with your depression.

men sitting in backyard

Overcome Depression by Sitting Around

Being surrounded by friends who don’t treat you differently because you are feeling different is important. Sometimes just sitting and not talking about how you’re feeling can help you cope.


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