The Advantages and Benefits of Online Counselling


Think about the last time you talked to someone via the screen of your mobile or laptop. Was it personable? Could you sense their mood? Did it feel like you were close?

Unlike what people might think, there are many advantages of online counselling – and talking online doesn’t compromise the quality of connection and understanding. When we meet remotely for the purpose of counselling and support, it is just like talking to a counsellor in person! 

In recent years, with the rapid growth in advanced technology, the use of video for counselling is ever increasing. The statistics show that every year it grows by 30 – 40%!

With this growth, we also have more studies to prove that video conference based counselling is just as effective as face to face counselling. Research studies by the  Telebehavioural Health Institute reported that online counselling is as effective as face-to-face counselling, and is an acceptable alternative to traditional methods.

This is why the Australian Government has approved Medicare rebates for 10 videoconference sessions for rural people: “The Australian Government recognises the potential benefits of telehealth to deliver mental health services, especially to people in rural and remote areas”. (Ministry of Health website)

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When you seek psychological and emotional support, your comfort is paramount. Being able to sit in front of the camera of your smartphone, laptop or tablet, is easy and comfortable. Not only does it reduce the hassle of getting ready and commuting to your appointments; but it also allows you to choose the space from which you wish to communicate. The experience we have had with our clients shows that the space from which they spoke to us is really varied and unpredictable: car, open field, cafe, under a tree, bedroom, balcony and more.  


Many people in rural areas are concerned by issues of privacy and confidentiality. In smaller communities, it is more likely that the local counsellor and other people in the clinic are known to clients who seek therapy. With online counselling, this issue is resolved. 

For some people, seeking psychological help is associated with stigma and may provoke shame. In this case, remote counselling may offer an ideal solution. 

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Online counselling is affordable and cheaper for you because it saves you time and money on travelling and for the psychologist it spares the expenses on the overhead costs associated with renting a room. 

The qualities of our psychologists are not going to change just because they use this medium. You will receive the same support, knowledge and wisdom as you would have received had you meet your psychologist in the clinic.

We live in a lucky country. Our government supports rural people via Medicare rebates for such a service as counselling via video.

Take advantage of that – request a session today. 

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