Terms & Conditions for Counsellors

Please read this agreement carefully before you apply 

Our Service 

Rural Wellbeing (RW) is operating as a referral platform to source new clients for counsellors as our business associates. 

Counsellor’s Service

Provide science-based and effective video counselling to RW clients.

Respond to booking requests within 24 hours.

Provide concession rate counselling to a client in need, at least one client at a time. It is not compulsory to see more than one client on a concession rate. (See Pricing)

Help us to strengthen relationship with referring doctors by:
a. Regularly update the doctors about important developments in your sessions.
b. ask your clients to collaborate with the feedback process. 


  • You are solely liable and accountable for what happens in the relationship with your clients. You indemnify RW against any liability while performing your services. You release RW from all claims and demands resulting from your service to RW clients.
  • The session notes remain private and confidential and they belong to you.
  • Perform the services in accordance with professional Code of Ethics 
  • Comply with all applicable laws, regulations or standards relevant to the performance of the services. 
  • Protect the reputation and interests of RW. 

Counsellor’s Payments to RW

New Client Fee:
We charge you once per a referral. After the initial session, all transactions, payments and communications with the clients will be handled directly by you.  When suitable, you may raise the fee with your long term clients if desired.

Longer time on our platform and positive feedback from clients are rewarded in our fee structure.

You will pay Rural Wellbeing the value of the first session with a new client plus GST. This value will gradually decrease in the following way:
Each new referral will credit you with 1 point.  
Client’s feedback which we forward to the referring GP will credit you with 1 point.  

After 5 credit points you will be charged $10 less for each new client we refer to you. After 10 credits, $20 less, 15 credits $30 and so forth, up to a maximum of an $80 reduction from the fee per new referral. 

To learn what our clients pay, please see Pricing. 

Monthly Membership Fee 

Our monthly membership fee is $30+GST. Your membership can be cancelled at any time.  Suspension of memberships is not permitted. 

Quality Assurance

We apply a feedback system to ensure our clients are satisfied with our counselling services. About one month after the initial session we ask our clients to share their experience on a form which you can see in this FEEDBACK sample. You will be required to forward to your clients the Feedback email which our office manager will send you.  

This feedback will go to the referring doctor, as it provides an important mechanism for their ongoing referrals. In this way, Absence of feedback is considered ‘bad’ feedback. We regard persistent unsatisfactory feedback a matter of poor fit with our service model. 

Changes to Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions may be varied by RW. Counsellors are notified about the changes.  

Of particular attention are changes to the fee structure which might be made to accomodate the needs of all participants: clients, providers, referrers and the company. 


This agreement is non-binding. Either party reserves the right to terminate this agreement at any time for any reason, by giving the other party two weeks notice.

This Agreement will be governed by the law of Victoria and both parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Victoria.

Governing Law 

These terms and conditions will be governed by the law of the State of Victoria..


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