About Rural Wellbeing

Rural Wellbeing is an online counselling service for rural people of Australia. The service is owned and run by a Melbourne-based company: Rural Wellbeing. The providers of the service are experienced psychologists from all around Australia who are carefully assessed before joining the team.

Our Mission

We provide rural people of Australia with evidence-based and effective psychological help.  We make the service accessible through video-counselling (telehealth).

Our Values

  • Equality

    Everyone is entitled to have equal access to the best available health resources and this is what we aim for with our telehealth service. 

  • Understanding

    We acknowledge the unique challenges that people living in remote communities face, and we are committed to providing them with the support they need to meet these challenges. 

  • Empowerment

    We believe individuals and communities have their own inner resources and strengths. We support clients by helping them tap into their strength, cultivate resilience and improve their coping abilities. 

  • Client-centred

    People are different and unique in their life challenges and in the way they cope with them. In our client-centred approach we meet each individual where they are. Our highly experienced psychologists are able to understand an individual's needs and tailor the right support.

  • Quality Assurance

    We continuously monitor the satisfaction of our clients with the service and learn from their feedback. We ask them to evaluate the level of support (e.g. felt understood), of useful input (e.g. helpful coping strategies) and of their general telehealth experience.

Our management team

Guy (Hagai) Avisar


Guy Psychologist online

With more than 30 years of counselling experience and conducting workshops for the community, Guy brings much needed wisdom and knowledge to navigate this complex program. The growing demand  for remote counselling from his clients over the years has inspired him to develop this successful program for rural people.
Guy emigrated to Australia from Israel in 1997 with his Australian wife and 2 children.

Guy:”I would love to make a difference to the lives of rural people in remote communities by offering tools to improve well-being”.

Contact Guy: hagaiavisar at gmail.com

Simone Oneill

Office Manager

Simone triage coordinator

As the first point of contact for our patients Simone offers care, empathy and understanding.  Knowing very well the profiles of all our counsellors she will wisely match the patient’s needs with a suitable counsellor.  

Simone: “I find it very satisfying when patients find hope in the upcoming counselling I have arranged for them”.

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